Experience Art and Culture in Alamosa with These Activities

Sand Dunes at Alamosa, CO

Even though Alamosa is just over 5 square miles in size – and home to less than 10,000 people – it has a rich culture that you will want to experience on your trip to this small, Western town.

Alamosa was founded back in the 1870s, but the area was first home to the Ute tribe before the arrival of Spanish settlers. This history has influenced the art and culture of the town – and you can still see its influence in the art, culture, and architectural design of Alamosa.

Alamosa also draws in a lot of tourists from around the country, especially avid RVer’s and campers. There are some fantastic RV parks in Alamosa Colorado and incredible campgrounds nearby major natural attractions, like:

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
  • San Juan Mountains
  • Zapata Falls
  • Splashland Hot Springs
  • Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

While these places should certainly be a stop on your list as you explore Alamosa, don’t overlook the arts and culture of the town, too.

Here are some activities to help you really get a feel for this unique spot in Colorado.

1) Check Out the Museums

The tiny town of Alamosa is home to four unique museums, each of which focuses on a different cultural aspect and art design native to the area. All of them focus on the historic charm of the town by teaching you about the art and culture of various time periods.

Fort Garland Museum

The Fort Garland Museum and Cultural Center building was founded way back in 1858 as American settlers headed out west. This museum focuses on the Buffalo soldiers that lived in this fort – as well as Colorado’s role in the Civil War. In addition to seeing the photos and artifacts from this era, you can interact with time period actors who will teach you about life in the early west.

Did you know that Alamosa was home to one of the world’s greatest boxers?

Jack Dempsey Museum

The Jack Dempsey Museum and Park are dedicated to this heavyweight boxing champion from the 1920s who was born in Alamosa. In fact, the museum is inside the cabin he grew up in!

San Luis Valley Museum

The San Luis Valley Museum is chock full of artifacts from the various cultures that influenced Alamosa, including Native American art and exhibits about the Hispanic and Japanese-American settlers that arrived in this small town.

Luther Bean Museum

Finally, be sure to check out the Luther Bean Museum – not just for the incredible mural of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado. This museum showcases local artist’s work that really reflects the town’s culture, but you can also see some artwork and pieces that belonged to notable town members, like Colorado’s first governor and one of the earliest settlers of the county, Major Lafayette Head.

2) Go to the Theatre

Creede Repertory Theatre

Another way to immerse yourself in some art and culture of Alamosa is by checking out a show at one of the area’s theatres. The Creede Repertory Theatre is nestled in the gorgeous San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and it is considered one of the top theatres in the state of Colorado.

This award-winning theatre has between seven to ten plays in rotation every year, so there is surely something that will strike your fancy!

Theatre at Adams State University

Also, support some local community talent by heading to the Theatre at Adams State University in the town of Alamosa. Here you can see some of the theater students perform classics like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan or A Christmas Carol on a state-of-the-art stage.

3) Hop on the Railroad

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The reason Alamosa was originally founded was for a railroad that could supply the rest of the state with fresh produce grown in the luscious San Luis Valley of Colorado.

This line is still in service and you can hop on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad in Alamosa to see some incredible sights and learn more about the town’s culture.

The train departs from the heart of downtown and cuts through the southern Rockies and the La Veta Pass along some truly historical landmarks. While on your ride, tour guides dressed as conductors will teach you about the history of the railroad while also pointing out wildlife and natural landmarks along the ride.

You can also hop off at the highest peak of the trail to observe the world’s highest concert venue! Listen to some beautiful live music from local Country and Bluegrass artists.

4) Listen to Live Music in Society Hall

If you want to hear even more incredible music and see some live performances, be sure to head over to Society Hall. This space was originally a church built back in 1922 that has recently been restored by the community as an intimate venue for live music performances.

Society Hall

But the performers who come to Society Hall aren’t just local talent – this venue has been driving in some incredibly talented artists from all over the country.

Pro tip: Buy your tickets in advance. These shows can sell out pretty quickly!

5) Experience the Festivals

There is almost always some type of festival or event going on in Alamosa year-round, so you can almost certainly plan to experience one – no matter when you go to visit. Many of these festivals revolve around the culture of the town by giving visitors an opportunity to experience things hands-on.

Rio Frio Ice Fest

If you are planning to visit during the winter, take part in the Rio Frio Ice Fest!

The main event is a 5K race across the Rio Grande River that freezes solid in the cold months. You can also see ice sculptors and enjoy some warm food and cold beers from the Grub’n’Pub in the heart of downtown.

Alamosa Round-Up Rodeo

If you’d rather explore during the summer, make sure that you don’t miss the Alamosa Round-Up Rodeo in June!

You can see real-life cowboys wrangle cattle and ride bucking Broncos and Bulls – all while hearing some fantastic live country music.

Sundays @ Six concert

You can see free concerts all summer long during the Sundays @ Six concert series – which goes on from June through August. Incredible performers come every weekend to play live music in the heart of the San Luis Valley.


This small, country town tucked away in the San Luis Valley of Colorado is certainly rich in history – and one of the best ways to really experience it is by immersing yourself in the culture of Alamosa.

If you are ready to start planning your trip, you will want to stay in a spot that is centrally located to all of these amazing spots so you can partake in all of the activities.

Cool Sunshine RV Resort is located near downtown Alamosa and is just a short drive or walk to many of the museums, theatres, restaurants, and the railroad depot – making it a great spot to park your RV on your vacation to Alamosa.

It is also one of the closest RV parks to many of the town’s other natural landmarks, like the San Juan Mountains and the Great Sand Dunes!

Our goal at Cool Sunshine RV Park is to make you feel at home during your stay to Alamosa. We encourage you to get out and explore the area as much as possible with the peace of mind that you have a comfortable place to stay at the end of the day!

Check out our calendar for availability and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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