Month: September 2019

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle in an RV

Traveling in an RV offers unparalleled freedom and adventure, allowing you to explore new places and experience unique cultures. But maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while on the road can be challenging. With limited space and constantly changing environments, staying fit requires creativity and commitment. Here are some practical ways to stay active and healthy while enjoying the RV lifestyle.   Embrace Outdoor Activities One of the greatest benefits of RV living is the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Take advantage of this by incorporating outdoor activities into your daily routine. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are excellent ways to stay active and enjoy the scenery. Hiking Many campgrounds…

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Hidden Gems of the San Luis Valley

Hidden Gems of the San Luis Valley: Explore Lesser-Known Sights and Activities near Great Sand Dunes National Park While the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve often steals the spotlight, the San Luis Valley boasts an array of hidden gems and local businesses that offer unique experiences for adventurers, art and history buffs, and more! Here’s your guide to uncovering the hidden gems waiting to be discovered on your next San Luis Valley journey.   Delve into History and Culture: Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway: This scenic and historic byway is one of the best ways to explore the San Luis Valley’s cultural richness. It will take…

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