5 Ways to Embrace the Historic Charm of Alamosa, CO

Alamosa, Colorado

At Cool Sunshine RV resort, we’re thrilled to be located in a city that’s so full of history and culture. Often referred to as the “Hub of the San Luis Valley,” Alamosa, Colorado has been around since the late 1800s and has witnessed many changes in the nearby landscape.

In its early years, Alamosa was a headquarter for railroad construction, repair, and shipping. The city was a vital part of the expanding rail system, and as a result, it drew a number of people to the area for jobs and exploration.

Today, when you visit Alamosa, you can get a taste of this old-time historic feel. That’s why we recommend that everyone who stays in the nearby RV parks in Colorado drop by the town’s center!

If you get the chance to do so, here are five of the most historic attractions you can visit.

1) Visit the San Luis History Museum

San Luis History Museum

On any day Tuesday through Saturday during most weeks of the year, you can pop in the San Luis Valley Museum for just $2/adult. People come from many of the close Alamosa campgrounds to learn about the stories of the area from this museum’s interesting artifacts and exhibits.

From black-and-white photographs to collectibles and life-size displays, this museum has everything you need to transport yourself back to the golden age of the railroad. Make sure to check out the mock general store and grade-school classroom to see what life would have been like in a nearby valley town all those years ago.

2) Drive to Fort Garland to Get a Feel for the “Old West”

Fort Garland Museum

Back in 1858, Fort Garland was built to protect the various settlers of the San Luis Valley. Although it was abandoned a little over 20 years later, the fort’s museum now showcases the history of the town through old ruins and some original buildings.

If you’ll be staying in RV parks in Alamosa, CO, it’s well worth it to make the jaunt to Fort Garland to get a feel for the area’s history. Plus, the town has attracted some very talented artists, restaurant owners, and tourist attractions, so you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained for an afternoon.

3) Take a Walking Tour of Downtown Alamosa

Downtown Alamosa

To really learn about the history of Alamosa, as well as its small-town charm, you need to take a stroll through its heart. Fortunately, there’s a walking tour that allows you to do just that.

Take a break from the nearby camping and RV parks to view beautiful art and architectural trends from various decades in American history. The best part? The tour is free – just download the walking tour guide and take it with you as you wander through the historic area.

4) Wander the Trails of San Luis Valley

Trails of San Luis Valley

The history of Alamosa and its inhabitants isn’t just in the city and surrounding towns – it’s in the nature that’s all around. If you’re staying in any of the Alamosa RV parks, you’ll have access to a variety of hiking trails and beautiful drives. Don’t be afraid to get out of the campsite and explore!

There’s no better way to get a feel for the area than setting out on the trails of San Luis Valley, exploring the local nature and parks. Some of the top trails that are doable by all age groups include:

  • Oxbow Trails System (0.47 – 1.1 miles round trip)
  • Wolf Creek Pass (length varies depending on segment)
  • High Dune Trail (2.5 miles round trip)
  • Giant Fir Trail (1-mile round trip)
  • Rio Grande Trail (3.2 to 4.5 miles round trip)
  • Zapata Falls Trail (0.8 miles round trip)
  • Alamosa Wildlife Refuge Trail (3.75 miles round trip)

For nature lovers who are more adept at climbing and traveling long distances on foot, there are some more challenging options. Check out the San Luis Valley Trail Guide to see which hike piques your interest.

On whichever trail you decide to try, remember to think about the natives and settlers who called this land home centuries ago. There’s history all around you, as well as incredible wildlife and landscapes.

5) Travel Back in Time on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

If you’ve decided to stay in one of the Alamosa RV parks and campgrounds, you’ve probably already heard about the famous nearby train ride you can take.

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad provides an authentic Colorado rail experience as you traverse the steep grades of the Southern Rockies without breaking a sweat – or even getting up from your comfy seat.

Not only will you be able to experience the sweeping, rugged mountain vistas, but you’ll also have the opportunity to hear about the history of the local railroad and mining enterprises. The train has been running for more than a decade, and the crew has perfected their tales of Colorado’s history.

Before buying your tickets, check the railroad’s schedule for special events like concerts. You never know what kind of music or artist you’ll have the chance to hear play on your excursion into the mountains.

In Conclusion

When lovers of history visit Alamosa, Colorado RV parks, they’re usually thrilled to find that the city and nearby towns are full of cultural museums, attractions, and opportunities. Between the train rides and historical exhibits, you’ll have your choice of chances to embrace a little small-town charm.

At Cool Sunshine RV Park, we encourage you to get out and explore, but we also want you to feel at home in our campground. That’s why we provide a variety of amenities, from laundry facilities to clean showers and bathrooms.

Spend the day out embracing everything Alamosa has to offer, then head back to your home-away-from-home at Cool Sunshine RV Park. We have everything you need to rest, re-energize, and take on Colorado the next day!

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